Trans Teenagers Come Together In A Beautiful Display Of Human Diversity

A number of the top teenage influencers on platforms like, YouTube and Instagram, many of them trans, appear together in a powerful music video set to John Mayer’s song “Changing.”

The video, created by a new media company geared towards teenagers called Brat, aims to display the harsh realities that trans kids face every day.

“This is a video about personhood, identity, and change,” Rob Fishman, the founder of Brat, told The Huffington Post. “So much of today’s rhetoric comes from older people talking down to ― and speculating about ― young people. This is an authentic story about coming of age in 2017. In a political climate such as ours, so volatile and polarized, we wanted to shine a light on actual young people, growing up in different ways.”

Check out the video above and head here for more from Brat. 

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