ImproveNet Monthly Roundup: October 2017

ImproveNet Monthly Roundup: October 2017

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From tidying up your yard to preparing your home for Halloween guests, October has been a busy month for many. If you’re anything like me, you’re already looking ahead to all the family gatherings to come and trying to get the home as ready as possible.

With all the fun fall activities this month, you may have missed a few articles. We’re here to help! Here’s a recap of our favorite articles from this October.

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Fall Scents To Warm Your Home

Fall Scents To Warm Your Home

October is the perfect time of year to bring out your pumpkin spice scented candles, however, there are plenty of other ways you can fill your home with the scents you love. By using some items you can find in your home or at the grocery store, you can create a wonderful smell in your home plus, some even include added health benefits!

Here are a few ideas to create the fall scent you love, with items you likely have in your home right now!

Timeless Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

Timeless Backsplash Ideas For Your Bathroom

A backsplash is the focal point of the bathroom. Have you noticed that yours is looking a little outdated? You might be considering a backsplash upgrade to give your space a new look. If you’re planning to sell your home or you’re in need of an upgrade, a timeless bathroom backsplash can be just what the room needs. See a few bathroom backsplash ideas that will never go out of style.

Glass Front Cabinet Ideas

An Alternative To Wood: Glass Front Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can be the focal point of your kitchen. Are you looking for a sleek upgrade for your kitchen cabinets? Glass front cabinets might be just what you’re looking for. They are easy to care for and a trendy way to show off bakeware you love, without worrying about dust or damage. If you’ve been thinking about changing the look of your kitchen, read An Alternative To Wood: Glass Front Cabinets.

7 Tricks To Refresh Your Upholstery

7 Tricks To Refresh Your Upholstery

With winter just around the corner, many homeowners are looking to get their deep cleaning done now. Your upholstery should not be forgotten about. In fact, a thorough cleaning is recommended at least once a year. From DIY tips to get out stains to what a pro can do for you, include this in your to-do list. Because believe it or not, you can make that old couch look new again! Here are 7 Tricks To Refresh Your Upholstery.


Video: What Is Feng Shui?

When you walk into your home after a long day, what do you feel? Your home should be a welcoming space where you can rest and relax. If your home’s décor is not currently reflecting that, it might be time for Feng Shui.

This ancient practice is known to have both style and health benefits. Did you know that you might be able to improve your quality of sleep just by moving your bed to a different area of the room? If you’re curious how Feng Shui can help you, we have the answers in this video.


From timeless bathroom upgrades to DIY tips you can use to freshen up your upholstery, we’ve covered a lot in October to help you improve your home. Keep an eye out this month for more great ideas to start preparing for the holiday season.

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